Benin - Assistance in calculating and validating the value of the baseline non-renewable biomass fraction in Benin


In application of the Kyoto Protocol, Benin set-up a favourable framework for CDM projects by appointing a Designated National Authority (DNA) and an approbation process for CDM projects. For project designer with a link to biomass (eg: efficient cookstoves), the calculation of the baseline value of non-renewable biomass fraction is a key entry data to quantiy GHG emissions reductions. This key value, was not yet calculated and validated by Benin at the time.



It is in this context that the DNA of Benin requested assistance from the CSF in order to calculate the baseline value and to traing the DNA staff in updating the value.


During his missions, the expert:

  • did an inventory of available data on biomass ressources in Benin
  • designed a rigorous methodology for the calculation
  • calculated the value and its long-term trend
  • validated the value during a national restitution workshop involving key stakeholders from climate change, forestry and biomass-energy sector.

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