Guinea - Matching Guinean priority needs for CC action and funding opportunities



Though really suffering from the effects of climate change (as explained in the country’s National Adaptation Programme of Action, 2007), the number of CC-related actions and projects in Guinée is very limited: only two adaptation projects are currently under implementation.

Lack of institutional capacity and coordination are reported to be a major factor in the country’s weak engagement in Climate Change adaptation and mitigation measures. To change this situation, key staff from the relevant ministries and other institutions should be brought together, should be informed on existing opportunities for participation and funding, should be encouraged to define the national priorities for CC action and should be supported in the development of quality proposals to be submitted to the most appropriate CC fund.



In view of these capacity strengthening needs, Guinée’s National Focal Point for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has requested short term technical assistance from CSF in order to conduct a workshop on the prioritisation of CC-related needs, on matching the priority needs with relevant funding opportunities and on the formulation of project proposals



The Institutional and Training expert of the CSF carried out a two-week mission in order to prepare a training adapted to the specific context of Guinée. The training on CC funding opportunities followed the same lines and approaches as the training packaged available from the CSF (see GCCA website).

Although it was not the best time regarding the institutional context (the new Environment Minister had just been appointed a few days before the mission which caused last minute modifications on the agenda and prevent the participants to really prepare for the training), the consultant was able to carry out the training as foreseen.

During the workshop, the expert established and provided initial guidance to four working groups of participants with the objective for each working group to develop one project proposal to be submitted to one or more of the discussed climate funds. The following projects were discussed :

  1. Promotion and use of solar energy for marine salt extraction ;
  2. Elaboration of a rapid alert system in order to ensure agricultural productivity and food security ;
  3. Realisation of micro-dam with multiple purposes ;
  4. Protection of crops area in the coastal zone ;