Indian Ocean - Transform Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy into an Action Plan


In order to find coordinated answers to common concerns over climate change risks, the Indian Ocean Commission carried out the Acclimate project which established regional climatic trends and identified vulnerabilities of member states.

This project led to the elaboration of a regional adaptation strategy to climate change. This document and its recommendations were circulated and validated by IOC members. 

The IOC has not the in-houe capacities and finances required to transpose the regionals trategy into an operational action plan, realistic and structured, accompanied by a monitoring and evaluation protocol.


This is why they requested assistance from the CSF in order to undertake the transposition of the strategy into an action plan 2016-2020 as well as a monitoring and evaluation tool for the implementation of the action plan.


A team of two CSF experts worked in close collaboration with IOC during 3 months to elaborated the following documents (downlodable through the right column of this page):

  • Action Plan
  • Methodology for mainstreaming of aciton plan into existing regional projects and programmes
  • Monitoring and Evaluation System
  • Economic analysis of the Action Plan
  • Communication strategy