Ivory Coast - Development of a climate change adaptation strategy and programme for the coastal area of Côte d'Ivoire




With its 550 km, Côte d’Ivoire is - after Nigeria - the West African country with the longest coast. The area is characterised by a rich and unique biodiversity but suffers from an intense pressure generated by human activities such as agro-industry, urbanisation, fishing, tourism, etc.  

Lately, the effects of global climate change have exacerbated the already existing effects of human pressure on the natural capital. In particular coastal erosion caused by a steadily rising sea level has become a real threat for existing infrastructure and economic activities.

As forecasts on the global effects of climate change suggest further sea level rises, even stronger erosion might be expected for the coming decennia in low-lying coastal zones.

Against this background, the country has revised its main policies and strategies for poverty reduction, development and economic revival. Unanimously, these documents put an emphasis on better coastal management, related to sea level rises and coastal erosion (National Development Plan 2012-2015).


To assist the country with the development of a sound programme for adaptation to the negative effects of climate change in the coastal area of Côte d’Ivoire, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development has requested assistance from an international expert in coastal management and climate change through the Climate Support Facility.


The CSF team of experts carried out a mission of 4 weeks in order to prepare a coastal adaptation strategy.

The mission included a review of relevant documents, field assessments of the situation and the organisation of a workshop in order to discuss the prioritisation of the identified actions.

The draft strategy has been prepared with draft identification fiches for the project identified as priorities by the stakeholders. The strategy is now in the hands of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development for finalisation, approbation and implementation.