Togo - Technical Assistance in mobilising climate change funds for project proposals in the technical areas of renewable energy and clean technology



The African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company (ABREC) mission is to promote the use of renewable energy and clean technology in 10 African countries. The main tasks of ABREC are to support its member countries in the development of projects in the areas of renewable energy and clean technology and in mobilising the required funds for their implementation. The company also supports countries in the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) and other climate change policies. Support is mainly delivered through ABREC’s Technical Assistance Facility, consisting of ten professional staff members.



Recently, ABREC has been facilitating the development and formulation of various project proposals in a number of countries. For 12 of these proposals there was a need to have them externally reviewed and to get specialist advice on how to proceed in order to have them financed and implemented. The CSF provided this external expert and organised a seven-week mission in order to review the projects and build the capacity of ABREC’s staff on climate change funding opportunities and procedures.



The assessment of the project proposals showed that most of them did not yet have enough accurate and reliable financial data and precise targets to define whether or not they would be eligible for funding. The consultant wrote an assessment of each of them including next steps required and relevant data to be collected.

During the mission it was identified with the beneficiary that there was a need to improve the project management structure and the way potential projects are reviewed. Engineers of ABREC needed assistance in screening the projects and their financial viability. The consultant prepared a project screening, pipeline spreadsheet and provided a short training on project management software and how to use them for ABREC’s purposes.