Regional Workshops

GCCA regional workshops on mainstreaming climate change in national development planning and budgeting

Between February 2011 and April 2012, the GCCA organised a series of technical workshops to bring together climate change experts and decision makers responsible for national development planning and budgeting in beneficiary countries. Most participants were senior officials working in ministries of finance or planning with key roles in the budgetary process, and senior officials from ministries of environment in charge of climate change. The workshops were also attended by a number of political leaders and senior officials from other ministries connected with climate change, and by representatives of regional organisations and the EU.

The workshops aimed to raise awareness of the need to mainstream climate change adaptation and mitigation into national development policies, plans and budgets. They introduced participants to a framework and tools available for mainstreaming and gave them the practical support and encouragement to put what they had learned about mainstreaming into action in their home countries.

In addition, the workshops provided an opportunity for discussions and networking, allowing participants to share their experience and knowledge. They also provided the climate change experts with a valuable insight into the views and experience of those decisions makers who are in key positions to put mainstreaming at the heart of national development plans. Over 190 senior officials from ministries of finance, planning and environment and regional organisations attended the workshops, helping make the connections and the knowledge exchange that will drive change in their countries and regions.

The workshops were customised to meet the needs of each region in terms of their structure, focus and seminar materials. The feedback from workshop participants has been positive, and a number of participants are planning to replicate these workshops in their home countries.

Replicating workshops at the national level

The reuse of training materials developed for regional workshops in support of similar events organised at the national level is very much encouraged. Limited technical support (e.g. in the form of remote briefing for trainers) can be requested for the organisation of national mainstreaming workshops, via In addition, specifically for ACP countries, trainers and training materials for in-country training sessions and workshops on climate change mainstreaming and other themes can be made available; requests can be submitted via an on-line application tool.