GCCA+ Training materials

Standard as well as customised materials were developed for regional workshops on climate change mainstreaming. Workshop participants and partner governments interested in replicating this kind of workshop at the national level can reuse these materials, in full or in part, provided the source is adequately acknowledged. Specific attention should be paid to adequate referencing of any third-party materials (e.g. graphs, tables, figures, pictures) included in these training materials, and specific authorisation should be obtained from the owners of such third-party materials for any use in publications, including web-based publishing.

Word versions of the handouts and PowerPoint versions of the slides can be obtained on request via info@gcca.eu.

Mainstreaming of climate change – Standard training materials

  • Understanding climate change science (slides - handout)
  • Understanding climate change–development linkages (slides - handout)
  • Mainstreaming climate change and strengthening institutions and capacities (slides - handout)
  • Understanding and planning under uncertainty (slides - handout)
  • Raising awareness and building partnerships (slides - handout)
  • Mainstreaming climate change in national, sector and subnational policies, strategies and programmes (slides - handout)
  • Costing, assessing and selecting adaptation and mitigation options and measures (slides - handout)
  • Mainstreaming climate change in the budgetary process (slides - handout)
  • Mainstreaming climate change in monitoring systems (slides - handout)
  • Synthesis, conclusions and way forward (slides - handout)
  • List of acronyms
  • Glossary
  • References