GCCA+ Seychelles: News from August 2018 to January 2019

Dear GCCA+ Seychelles community, 
Discover below our latest news from AUGUST 2018 to JANUARY 2019!

Convincing people to care about climate change and to take action… how can we do this better?
seychellesOur success all boils down on how we communicate!  In October the GCCA+ project hosted an introductory workshop to address the issue of climate change communication for MEECC staff as part of its climate change capacity building programme and the private sector, as well as the MEECC. The workshop was attended by some 15 staff and covered some of the basic factors tat require careful consideration when trying to communicate about climate change issues to different audiences. A more in-depth workshop on the topic is planned for 2019 and will be opened up to interested stakeholders from government, civil society, the media.

Climate finance options for Seychelles better?
While people working in the environment sector may be familiar with many of the international financing options available to support climate action in Seychelles, many other stakeholders are still in the dark.

In collaboration with the key expert Jules Siedenburg, GCCA+ consultant Herve Barois presented his findings in a report regarding a wide range of climate finance options for the government, civil society and the private sector in Seychelles. It is noted that the landscape of climate finance is rapidly changing and that the report is a starting point for interested stakeholders to conduct further research into financing options that could work for them.

Climate Change Policy for Seychelles

The GCCA+ Project has helped the MEECC to prepare a Discussion Paper and set up a working group with key stakeholders, to draft Seychelles’ first ever national climate change policy. This policy will provide a critical reference point for all sectors, giving guidance on Seychelles’ priorities for climate action, including both mitigation and adaptation strategies. The draft policy is expected to be presented to Cabinet in mid-2019 watch this space!

Building Capacity for Climate Action

GCCA+ Seychelles recently completed a capacity needs assessment for climate change with input from local consultant Jude Bijoux and in collaboration with Michele Martin. The assessment that many government ministries and agencies agree that climate change is relevant to all sectors but require support for the process of mainstreaming climate change into their policies and plans.

In response to the assessment, GCCA+ Seychelles has developed a capacity building program to build on capacity building already provided in 2018 and provide assistance to key stakeholders throughout 2019 and into early 2020. GCCA+ is partnering with local educational institutions such as The Guy Morel Institute, UniSey, the Seychelles Institute of Technology to deliver workshops and short courses on a range of climate change topics.

GCCA+ Climate Change Workshops… Building Capacity Step by Step

The GCCA+ Capacity Building Program is underway!   Some of the training sessions already hosted or supported by the GCCA+ include:

November – December, 2018:  Climate Modelling Training:
seychellesThe Seychelles Meteorological Authority hosted two experts from Météo France La Reunion, Francois Bonnardot and Laurent Labbe, to help local meteorologists boost their skills using new methods for seasonal forecasting and climate modelling, with support from the GCCA+ project. This two-week training session forms part of an on-going drive to improve Seychelles’ technical capacity to collect and manage data needed for better forecasting and tracking climate change.  Having Météo France (La Reunion) on board as a partner was a major bonus for Seychelles and for the GCCA+ project.

December 1st, 2018: Preparing community leaders for climate adaptation
The GCCA+ helped plan and facilitate a one-day workshop for community leaders, funded by the EBA Project (Adaptation Fund/UNDP).  The workshop aimed to increase participants’ knowledge of climate change, identify climate risks and formulate actions to address them, with a special focus on ecosystem based adaptation techniques.

December 4th, 2018: Climate proofing Tourism Policies and Programs
Senior staff from the Tourism Department spent a day with the GCCA+ team, beefing up their understanding of how climate change is affecting and will affect the tourism industry in Seychelles, and reviewing their policies and programs to reflect Seychelles’ priorities for adaptation and mitigation.

December 7th, 2018: Climate Change Briefing for MEECC Junior Technicians
Junior technicians from various divisions of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change participated in a one-day workshop to familiarize them with current climate change trends in Seychelles that may be relevant to their work, and update them on current projects being implemented to address climate change. 

December 11th, 2018: Climate proofing management training programs at the TGMI
The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) has plans to integrate sustainability and climate change issues across its diploma and certificate programs in financial and organisational management. A half-day workshop hosted by the GCCA+ gave staff an opportunity to learn more about climate change causes, impacts and solutions, and brainstorm how best to tackle the integration process as they undergo an overall program review period in 2019.

January 18th, 2019: Workshop in Climate Diplomacy
It is a challenge for small island states like Seychelles to have an impact at enormous international climate change conferences. The GCCA+ hosted a one-day workshop to help local climate negotiators plan strategies for effective intervention at these meetings.  Their ideas are being incorporated into a new handbook for Seychellois climate negotiators being developed by the GCCA+.

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