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The service contract for the ‘Global Climate Change Alliance Support Facility’ (publication reference: EuropeAid/136121/DH/SER/Multi) was signed on 9 September 2015 to the MWH SA-led consortium.

The technical assistance is coordinated from the MWH SA office in Brussels.



Our technical experts can provide support for the design and preparation of GCCA+ programmes either in-country or remotely. For example, as part of the GCCA+ Annual Action Programming, the Support Facility helps selected countries in their process of identification and/or formulation of new projects (Action Documents, AD). The Support Facility can also review and perform a quality check of such Action Documents prior to the DEVCO Quality Service Group (QSG) screening process.


Our experts can provide technical assistance to existing programmes that come up against unforeseen challenges or require implementation support not available from other sources. Recent examples include remote and field technical assistance for the development of a capacity building programme as part of Chad’s GCCA project and the development of a communications strategy for the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA). Another assignment to São Tomé e Príncipe carried out a project status assessment and made recommendations to move it forward. In the past, this type of support has also been provided to: draw or assess results of calls for proposals in Tanzania and Lao PDR; develop indicators for a budgetary support project in the Solomon Islands; and organise specific training sessions in various countries.

Requests for this type of technical assistance can be made by GCCA focal points based in EU delegations or project managers. The duration of such ad-hoc support will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 


The Support Facility is also mandated by the GCCA with the creative design, organisation and management of global and regional international meetings involving a wide range of stakeholders. It is also responsible for the organisation of global and regional learning and policy events as well as the production of annual publications and papers.

Christophe Legrand
Team Leader
christophe.legrand (at)

Christophe is Team Leader for the Support Facility and the main entry point for all requests. He has more than 20 years of experience of climate change and sustainable development issues, including leadership of large development programmes around the world. A French national with perfect command of English, he recently relocated to Europe from Mauritius where he worked for the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) coordinating their ISLANDS programme. In this role, Christophe’s main focus was to raise awareness of island issues and solutions within the region and all around the world. In a rare moment of free time, he enjoyed riding an old Chinese bike from Nairobi down to Cape Town.

Geraldo Carreiro
Technical Expert
geraldo.carreiro (at)

Geraldo has 16 years’ experience of sustainable development and climate change issues, specialising in support to public institutions, result-based planning, and public policy implementation. This experience includes more than nine years with the European Commission. Geraldo lives in Valencia, surrounded by vibrant city life but he also managed remarkably well living a year in the remote Brakna and Tagant regions of Mauritania.

Guido Corno
Technical Expert
guido.corno (at)

Guido Corno holds a PhD in Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, and Environmental Economics from the Oregon State University, and a Master of Science in Physics, Biology and Natural Resource Management from the University of Tasmania. He has expertise in the identification, formulation, and implementation of projects and programmes, as well as extensive knowledge of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. Asked about a fun moment during his career, Guido recalls he once worked on a research vessel that got stuck in the Antarctic. Waiting a week to be rescued by Russian icebreakers, he and his colleagues played football on the ice.

Francesca Predazzi
Communication Expert
francesca.predazzi (at)

Francesca Predazzi brings high-level professional experience in political journalism and strategic communication with a focus on EU projects Francesca has 25 years experience in journalism, a sound knowledge of complex international outreach programmes and is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, besides her native Italian. She loves sailing and communicating difficult topics in a simple way. A passionate traveller misses only four countries (out of twenty) to complete the tour of all those on the Mediterranean shores, guess which one they are.

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