Apply for Technical Assistance

FAQ on applying for technical assistance support from the Intra-ACP GCCA

What type of support does the programme offer ?

The programme provides technical support to a variety of existing initiatives related to adaptation and mitigation to climate change. There are two types of support: 1) Training Workshops and 2) Short-Term Technical Assistance.

The programme provides support by contracting one or more experts to complete a proposed task. The support is the hiring of the expert(s); the programme does not provide direct financial support.

Who can apply for support through the programme ?

There are two restrictions on who can apply for support. Support is available only to entities located in ACP Member States, though entities can be varied including the public or private sector, NGOs, CSOs and universities, with priority given to LDC and SIDS countries. In addition, technical support content must contribute to one or more of the 5 GCCA+ Priority Areas:
1.Mainstreaming climate change into poverty reduction and development strategies
3.Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD)
4.Enhancing participation in mitigation efforts
5.Disaster risk reduction (DRR)

What does the GCCA+ Intra-ACP support look like ?

The programme addresses unmet technical assistance and/or training needs within existing initiatives that contribute to the GCCA+ priority areas.  A non-exclusive list of examples includes: feasibility studies, project identification or formulation, climate funding requirements and access to funds, capacity building, trainings and workshops, curriculum development, policy development, technical advice, and other activities related to climate change.

What are the next steps if I am interested in applying ?

If you have an initiative related to one of the 5 priority areas listed above, and your initiative has an unmet technical or training need that is hindering you from achieving your goals, then the GCCA Intra-ACP Programme can help.Interested applicants can contact the programme to obtain additional information and an application form at the following email: