EU GCCA+ Workshops on Climate Change

EU GCCA+ Workshops on Climate Change


Programming effective climate action in Asia-Pacific
Interactive regional workshop
22 April 2021
7.00 - 11.00 CEST

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This workshop for EU programme managers is structured around four main themes: Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), Coastal Zone Management (CZM), Sustainable Cities and Carbon Markets.

EU GCCA+ and the Asia Pacific region (infographic)
The objectives of the workshops are to:

  • Showcase the depth of climate change expertise across EU-funded development cooperation initiatives;
  • Support the EU commitment to spend 30% of budget resources on climate relevant outcomes;
  • Support high quality, integrated and focused actions to implement Team Europe Initiatives and Multiannual Indicative Programmes;
  • Identify challenges that arise across sectors, regions and geographies, and explore how solutions might be tailored to specific contexts and country goals;
  • Share tools and resources to help EU delegations demonstrate reliability and innovation within the local development community;
  • Empower delegations to re-energise national partners ahead of an important year for climate change – culminating in COP 26 in November 2021;
  • Build understanding about how to access support from a range of Team Europe facilities including the GCCA+ Support Facility.

EU GCCA+ Workshops on Climate Change

22 April 2021
7.00 - 11.00 CEST

Online workshop



Session I - Climate Smart Agriculture

Session II - Sustainable Cities

Session III - Coastal Zone Management

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