The actions supported

Elevated road against flooding by the river water in Borei Chulsa
Elevated road against flooding by the river water in Borei Chulsa - Cambodia

The EU GCCA+ initiative aims at funding actions that:

  • Strengthen the resilience and adaptive capacity of human and natural systems to climate-related natural hazards and disasters (e.g. climate-smart and sustainable agriculture, integrated coastal-zone management, improving the sustainability of ecosystem services via Eco-system based adaptation and eco-DRR approaches, etc.);
  • Improve community and institutional capacityfor enhanced climate resilience (e.g. by integrating participatory disaster risk reduction, climate adaptation and climate mitigation co-benefits, development of national climate change policies and roadmaps, etc.);
  • Promote effective climate change planning and management capacities, paying particular attention to gender issues, youth and local and marginalised and vulnerable communities (e.g. mainstreaming climate change issues into national and local governments’ planning and budgeting systems; increasing the amount of finance available to local authorites and actors (governmental and non-governmental) for implementing climate strategies).


GCCA+ Programmes’ areas and sectors
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