The eligibility criteria

Mango seller in beneficiary village Niger
Mango seller in beneficiary village in Niger 
© EU GCCA+ LoCAL-UNCDF. Photo Nasser Alqatami

Expressions of interest for EU GCCA+ funding must meet certain eligibility criteria, which are taken into account during the EuropeAid screening of proposals submitted by EU Delegations, such as, among others:

  • The quality of the request made and endorsements by the relevant country authorities and/or the EU Delegation for a EU GCCA+ funded action;
  • The status of the dialogue on climate change between the country and the EU (e.g. quality of related actions, joint declarations);
  • Political factors such as strategic and/or enforced cooperation with certain countries;
  • The role the country plays in the UNFCCC negotiations and commitment to its processes, and efforts in the implementation of related commitments.

The next step is to allocate EU funding by prioritising needs, and establish a potential maximum allocation per country – giving priority to those countries most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.
The potential maximum allocation of EU GCCA+ funds by country depends on the available annual budget under the programme, the type/size of the proposed intervention, the country population size, and the number of country requests in a given year, geographic balance in the allocation of funds in the previous years, as well as other strategic priorities where appropriate.