GCCA+ Collaborative Platform: How to update your Programme Fiche?

To access the Collaborative Platform: http://www.gcca.eu/platform/user/login
You can change the password once logged in. To change this initial password and create a personal password, please click on your name in the top of the page, and edit your profile.
Please update programme information by March 9th.  


  • Going back to the Dashboard, you will see a link to a Tutorial video (bottom green box on the right). It is highly advised to look at the video!
  • Then, please check your projects. These can be found in “programmes”, where you can use a search form (e.g., by country). Please  check the list of GCCA+ projects is complete, in other words, that all your projects are listed. Also, you should have editor rights to your projects fiche. Please tell us if it is not the case. 
  • You may need to use the research tool in English and French. Your input for this initial update is to be done in only one language (the one of your choice). The GCCA+ Support Facility will then make the translation to the other language (the translation will appear in the “Translate” tab of the Edit page).
  • All platform members can read information on all projects. Yet, as an editor to your project, you can manage editing rights of other contacts, e.g.: programme managers in your EUD. It is advised to first have a good understanding of the platform before giving editor rights to a third party.



Please review the available information on all your projects. Note that some of the information can be outdated. Please update the information when possible. If we can help you in this process, please inform us.

  • You will note that some boxes are in yellow. These contain information that will be published on the web page.
  • Some of the information is indicated as “Selected” and “All”. This allows you to select which information is to be published on the platform (for other platform users) and website (for the public): these are the boxes marked “Selected”. 
  • The information you wish to keep for the record i.e., older information, or just for the other project editors to see, can be put in the boxes called “All”. 

Your feedback and comments are welcome! 

Should you have any issues with the platform please contact Geraldo from the GCCA+ Support Facility: geraldo.carreiro@gcca.eu