The EU GCCA+ Support Facility

The EU GCCA+ Support Facility (SF) helps Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) and the EU Delegations to support partner countries (LDCs, SIDS and middle-income countries most vulnerable to climate change) in their efforts to implement national and regional climate actions. Technical assistance includes short-term, demand-driven and ad-hoc assignments that enable beneficiaries to fill a specific capacity gap which is currently preventing them from achieving their goals related to climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk reduction. Assistance is flexible and varied, with the support being tailored to beneficiary needs.

Our team of technical and knowledge management experts is helping to make the EU GCCA+ an even stronger platform for policy dialogue and information exchange while, at the same time, providing an array of technical services, most of which are demand-driven.

Requests for services and technical assistance from the Support Facility can be sent to : info (at)

Meet the EU GCCA+ Support Facility team

Geraldo Carreiro

Geraldo Carreiro

Team Leader

geraldo.carreiro (at)

Geraldo has 16 years’ experience of sustainable development and climate change issues, specialising in support to public institutions, result-based planning, and public policy implementation. This experience includes more than nine years with the European Commission. Geraldo lives in Valencia, surrounded by vibrant city life but he also managed remarkably well living a year in the remote Brakna and Tagant regions of Mauritania. 

Francesca Predazzi

Francesca Predazzi

Communication And Knowledge Management Expert

francesca.predazzi (at)

Francesca brings high-level professional experience in political journalism and strategic communication with a focus on EU projects. She has 25 years of experience in journalism, a sound knowledge of complex international outreach programmes in emerging and developing countries on the main cooperation issues, and is fluent in English, French, German and Spanish, besides her native Italian. Francesca has a sound experience in the context of EU communication projects as a team leader and organisational director or communication expert, working intensively for the EU’s Neighbourhood region, but also Russia, Latin American and the ACP countries. She loves sailing and communicating difficult topics in a simple way. 

Monica Bonfanti

Monica Bonfanti

Technical Expert

monica.bonfanti (at)

Monica is a fully qualified lawyer specialising in climate, energy and transport topics. She has over 17 years of relevant international experience from living and working in the Balkan areas (Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia), Central and South East Europe, India, Nepal, Africa and Thailand. She has worked for multilateral development banks, public bodies, foreign governments, ministries, UN donors and NGOs, drafting laws, strategies, policies, plans and programmes on energy, transport/infrastructure, climate change (mitigation and adaptation) and the environment. Monica supported several countries in preparing national communications (such as BUR, MRV, INDC, NDC, NAP, CDM, JI) as well as National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs). She is crazy about sailing and skiing and relaxes by playing the piano.



Catherine Paul

Technical Expert

catherine.paul (at)

Catherine has a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Management and a MSc in Applied Environmental Economics. She has worked in the field of environment and climate change linked to development cooperation since 2007, supporting development cooperation organisations and developing country governments in integrating environmental sustainability and climate change into their policies, plans, programmes and projects, as well as managing / sharing knowledge and building related capacities. She has also been involved in climate change project design, management, monitoring and evaluation, policy and sector analysis, financial and economic analysis of development projects. Among other experiences, Catherine was a key expert for the GCCA Support Facility from 2011 to 2014, and since a short term expert before re-joining as a key expert in November 2021. She also leads the development of Stantec Belgium’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change, providing technical inputs and quality management services to the Business Development and Project Management teams with regard to climate change and related topics, and supporting internal knowledge management and capacity building.

Karla Van Eyde

Pierre Failler

Technical Expert

pierre.failler (at)

Pierre Failler is Professor of Economics at the university of Portsmouth, UK. He holds a PhD in Economics, an MSc in Economics of Marine Resources and a Master in Philosophy. He is coordinating complex research projects on biodiversity and climate change with multidisciplinary teams for more than 25 years in Europe, Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Pacific coastal countries (more than 40 to date). He has recently coordinated the Blue Economy Strategy for the African Union, the Regional Action Plan for the Blue Economy of the Indian Ocean Commission, the Blue Economy Strategy of the Intergovernmental Authority for development (IGAD) as well as the Blue Economy Strategy for the Bangladesh, the Bahamas and the Seychelles. He has authored and co-authored about 350 journal articles, book chapters, research reports, consultancy reports, etc. He is also a Scientific evaluator for several research councils in UK, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.



Leonardo Massai

Advisor mitigation/NDC Implementation

leonardo.massai (at)

Leonardo Massai has 20 years of experience on international environmental law, multilateral negotiations, climate change mitigation and adaptation, forestry, human rights and carbon markets. Leonardo is Senior Advisor to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations –CfRN ( where he provides direct counsel, assistance, advice and training to all rainforest nations on climate change governance, mitigation and adaptation, transparency, carbon market, REDD+, climate compatible development plans and multilateral negotiations. He has  extensive experience in supporting developing countries in the preparation, submission and implementation of NDCs under the Paris Agreement and in providing support to developed and developing countries on institutional arrangements, legislation and capacity building. Amongst others, he has provided services to: Expertise France, GIZ, DG Clima, Indian Ocean Commission, Particip, GFA Consulting, Carbon Sink, UN agencies, etc. Massai is also Associate Professor in EU Law and International Environmental Law, Climate Change Law at the Catholic University of Lille in France and Associate Editor of the Carbon and Climate Law Review where he contributes regularly on climate change law matters.



Cristina Solana

Technical Expert

cristina.solana (at)

Cristina Solana Tramunt has a Triple master’s in international law, Human Rights and Cooperation, a Master on Earth Science for risk reduction as well as a Master in Local Development. Over the last 19 years she has been advising environment and planning ministries, government institutions and public organizations in climate policies, strategies and action planning in more than 40 Latin American-Caribbean, African and Asian-Pacific developing countries. She has been part of the United Nations System Agencies (UNDP, UNCDF), EU programs, bilateral cooperation agencies from several EU countries (AECID, AFD, GIZ) as well as development banks (WB, IADB, KfW) supporting the implementation of international commitments such as the SDG, the UN framework convention on Climate Change and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Implementing Consortium

The Global Climate Change Alliance Support Facility+ is a technical assistance contracted to a consortium led by Stantec sa/nv, and composed of Dave Dealer NIRAS Finland Oy, ESN, Euroconsult and Mott MacDonald. Stantec  (previously MWH) is one of the world’s largest environmental and energy consultancy groups with a track record implementing successfully EU donor funded projects and the market leader for the management of complex Climate Change contracts such as the first phase of the GCCA or the INDC support to 10+ countries launched by the French Government and implemented by Stantec. The work is coordinated from the Stantec office in Brussels.