External Cooperation Infopoint conference: GCCA+ improving communities resilience in Sudan

Lessons learnt from the participatory approach in Northern, River Nile and Kassala States 

SRCS volunteer and NLRC delegate work with local women to rank their vulnerabilities

In Sudan harsh climatic conditions put pressure on agriculture and pastoralism. Climate change is a complicating factor. 
The EU and Red Cross / Red Crescent stand by the vulnerable Sudanese population and are committed to sustainable development for the country. Through the EU-funded Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+)  since 2014 they work together in Sudan to develop climate change adaptation technics and improve food security, diversify livelihoods, reduce risk disaster and conflicts.

The conference provides insights about the approach adopted, which integrates resilient natural resource management and techniques suitable to tough climatic conditions.

The presentation shows practical examples on how to implement a comprehensive participatory process, ensuring the full involvement of communities.

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