GCCA+ @COP25: Adaptation and mitigation strategies in changing oceans

OceanThe Blue COP

COP 25 UN climate conference is a “Blue COP”. At a special preparatory meeting in Madrid in 2018 politicians, scientists, and NGOs discussed ways to use the meeting to gain political traction. Some governments at the meeting requested that ocean health be placed on the formal agenda for the COP 25. This would hoist marine issues at the top of the list of climate priorities.

Implementing marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, enhancing adaptation and mitigation strategies in the oceans will be some of the scope areas for this Blue COP.

The GCCA+ session at Cop25 is part of the EU Ocean Day: Adaptation and mitigation strategies in changing oceans will explore current challenges and opportunities to address the climate and ocean link, and associated adaptation and mitigation strategies over a range of socio-economic context.  In addition, this session will discuss the local and regional approach to solve emerging and challenging ocean adaptation issues and analyse how various countries, organizations and institutions could integrate their experience in the 2020 NDC review for ocean-climate indicators.

During this session we hope to expand on understandings of the ways in which climate change interacts with oceans by examining themes that can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What is the latest for adaptation in ocean due to extreme climate events such as marine heat waves, hurricanes and rapid hypoxia events?
  • What is the latest for adaptation in ocean due slow on-setting climate driven events such as ocean acidification, sea level rise, deep sea environments loss of productivity and coastal decrease productivity?
  • What ocean-related issues are being considered in current NDC review, e.g. ocean-based renewables, low carbon shipping, sea level rise, MPAs, mangroves, blue carbon sinks conservation coral reefs, sea level rises? How are these issues being assessed and integrated in quantitative indicators and strategies?

Presentations : 


Dr. Manuel Barange - Adapting Fisheries to Climate Change: to what and where?

Dr. David J Wrathall - Sea-Level Change Migration and the Determining Role of Adaptation and Mitigation Policy

Dr. Sylvie Goyet - Before / After : Responses to climate ocean stressors in the Pacific

Dr. Robert Duncan McIntosh - Pacific Partnership on Ocean Acidification (PPOA)

Dr. Dorothee Herr - Nature is our Ally in fighting Climate Change