GCCA+ @ Futures Adaptation 2018: 10 years of learning, implementing and promoting long-term adaptation strategies

For the first time Adaptation Futures 2018, the 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference, was held in Africa. On the European Union (EU) Pavilion, "GCCA+: 10 years of learning, implementing and promoting long-term adaptation strategies" showcased GCCA+ experience over the last decade and discuss the role of long-term adaptation planning.


10 years adaptationIn the context of GCCA+ celebrating 10 years of cooperation and dialogue on climate change, it was important for the initiative to be present at Adaptation Futures 2018 organised for the first time in Africa, a continent where:
• 43 GCCA+ of the 70 national projects are being implemented in Africa,
• Three regional projects have fully targeted the African continent,
• One multi-country programme implemented via the United Nations Capital Development Fund is targeting several countries in Africa, and where,
• More regional projects are currently in discussion with African entrusted organisations under the Intra-Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) GCCA+ programme..

The GCCA+ side event, organised at the EU Pavilion, started with the welcoming remarks by His Excellency Raul De Luzenberger, Deputy Head of the European Delegation to Republic of South Africa, followed by a presentation on the GCCA+ projects in Uganda and by a presentation by the European Commission DG for International Cooperation and Development  (DG DEVCO). Both presented GCCA+ experience over the last decade including key lessons learnt in adaptation planning and implementation.
Following these presentations, a lively discussion of approximately 30 minutes took place. These presentations indeed supported the discussion on the role of long-term adaptation planning as well as GCCA+ approach to upscaling good adaptation practices, and helped tackling some crucial questions of AF 2018 such as:
• How can adaptation activities lead to better development outcomes?
• How can the adaptation discourse and practice further support national development plans and other development processes?
• How can adaptation planning support NDC implementation?

Two main discussion topics touched upon included:
- How could local governments and organisations ensure that their development plans are included in long-term adaptation within GCCA+ projects and other Adaptation initiatives? -  - How to measure the success (or not) of long-term adaptation among a range of stakeholders (i.e. direct vs. indirect beneficiaries)?

The event concluded with some key recommendations for long-term adaptation in the African context: (i) the NAPs (and other relevant adaptation strategies – NAPA, NDC) should guide the development and implementation of any new adaptation initiatives; (ii) local and provincial contexts (capacity, local climate threats and vulnerabilities,…) should be significantly and thoroughly integrated during all the planning, implementation and monitoring phases of various adaptation initiatives, and (iii) a robust and local- appropriate monitoring systems should be applied to evaluate the efficiency of resilience building by  over the long-term (more than 5 years).

Adaptation Futures is the world’s leading conference on climate change adaptation. It attracts over 1 000 scientists, practitioners, business leaders and policymakers from around the world to connect, learn and inspire. The event, being held for the first time on the African continent, aims to facilitate dialogue on solutions among key actors from diverse perspectives and regions.
Ten years ago, the European Union launched the GCCA to help developing countries and Small Island Developing States adapt to climate change. Today, the changing climate is recognised as one of our main global challenges – by fighting it, we can improve the lives of many local communities.
The GCCA+ flagship initiative is one of the EU’s mechanisms responding to global challenges while developing programmes that are specific to each region. Today, GCCA+ has funded more than 70 projects of national, regional and worldwide scope in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific, with commitments of EUR 737.5 million for the period 2007-2020.

Adaptation Futures 2018: https://adaptationfutures2018.capetown/
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