Lunchtime conference: Pemba Island and other stories

The Info-point lunch time conference presents the Intra-ACP GCCA+ Programme and the Climate Support Facility (CSF). A case study of work carried out  in Pemba Island, Tanzania, will be presented by a beneficiary and a representative of the local community.

After the projection of the 10-minute short-cut documentary (Kokota: The Islet of Hope) developed in 2018, the panellists present the activities implemented through the technical assistance. Special focus will be given to the impact of the interventions on the communities and on how the interventions fulfilled community’s expectations. The presentations will also highlight the innovative aspects of the technical assistance provided to promote technologies and tools for climate change adaptation, ecological restoration and alternative livelihood generation in Pemba.

The Intra-ACP GGCA+ Programme supports ACP Member States in adaptation and mitigation responses that align with the five GCCA+ priority areas.





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