Webinar: A community-led eco-village approach - lessons learned from 5 projects in Tanzania

Dear GCCA+ Tanzania stakeholders,

Click here or here to watch the 45 minute webinar held on 2 April 2019. The idea was to learn about experiences and lessons learned from the five GCCA Tanzania projects.




The webinar which starts at 12 noon East African Time (EAT) will showcase activities and lessons learned from five eco-villages situated in varied agri-ecological zones in Tanzania. The eco-villages fall under the European Union funded Global Climate Change Alliance. The project encompasses the EU eco-village approach, and strives to increase and diversify incomes, and strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change.

An Eco-village uses an holistic community driven approach that integrates interventions in a range of sectors in order to sustainably improve climate change resilience and reduce poverty. It enables communities, supported by effective local governance, to choose and implement climate change adaptation strategies.

The five eco-villages in Tanzania will share their experience of how their villages have been transformed to adapt to climate change. Topics presented include water resource management, farmer managed natural regeneration as the best approach to re-green semi-arid areas, and improving the health of rangelands to increase the resilience of pastoralists in Northern Tanzania.

tanzaniaThe five eco-village projects participating in the GCCA Tanzania programme are:

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