NDC mapping by the EU GCCA+ Support Facility


Countries’ strategies and levels of commitment towards climate change action has required time to mature, given the drastic global cultural and behavioural changes required to respond to the unprecedented gravity of the environmental and meteorological phenomena.

The basis of current actions and ambition was laid down in Paris with the submission of the ‘intended’ Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) by 192 countries. A constellation of support from bilateral and multilateral sources was provided to developing states, prioritising least developed countries and small island developing states, to help them in presenting their “voice” on needs and challenges implementing NDCs.

From 2015 until 2020, a lot of re-tailoring has taken place around the NDC pledges. During this ‘snip and fix’, four main architects have emerged as the central players. These actors are the NDC Partnership, NDC Support facility by the World Bank, NDC Invest and Africa NDC Hub. Each of them is working to enhance the buy-in towards NDC implementation and reduce the burden of states by facilitating access to tools and instruments they have designed and refined through use and re-use. The initiatives do not overlap in their actions and have developed successful synergies, driven by the principles that led to the ratification of the Paris agreement.

Main actions characterising the last 6 months of 2021 included developing COVID19 recovery plans to relaunch the economy and reduce increased poverty linked to the pandemic, and encouraging all states to take immediate actions towards the adverse effects of climate change to avoid further impacts to the planet and for future generations.