2011 CCAP: MRV for NAMAs

2011 CCAP MRVMRV for NAMAs is both as a way to track the implementation and success of actions supported through bilateral agreements as well as in the official UNFCCC context. Accordingly, this paper seeks to address MRV of NAMAs in two distinct contexts: 1) bilateral reporting of progress onsupported NAMAs based on agreement between NAMA host countries and developed country NAMA financial supporters, and 2) MRV of NAMAs required by the UNFCCC as part of reporting on national emissions by developing countries.

The MRV process between NAMA implementers and NAMA supporters is potentially quite flexible and can be tailored to the specific NAMA under development as well as to the needs of both Parties. For example, while GHG reduction is a key goal of NAMAs, demonstrating progress on sustainable development may be important to garnering domestic politicalsupport for NAMAs and attracting domestic investments necessary for implementation.

In contrast, the international MRV process will focus on GHG emissions and on building the capacity of developing countries to collect, report and verify emissions over time. This paper offers recommendations for effective MRV in each context.