EU GCCA+ Fridays for Climate | Energy for Climate

EU GCCA+ Fridays for Climate | Energy for Climate

Energy production and use is the largest source of global greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. Cities contribute 70% of carbon emissions from energy consumed, meaning that improved energy efficiency, especially in cities, is crucial to achieve Paris Agreement goals. 

💡 It is estimated 36% of the current energy emissions can be saved by improving energy efficiency which is increasingly recognized as ‘the hidden fuel’ that will complete the transition towards a low-carbon energy system.

Energy related actions play an important role for the EU GCCA+ which supports 30 projects covering 32 countries. 🌍 They include renewable energy and/or energy efficiency projects. Most projects boost institutional capacity by supporting feasibility studies or renewable energy strategies. For example, the implementation of solar powered water pumps for fields or livestock (in Chad or Uganda) or the promotion of efficient cooking stoves (Ethiopia).

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