Friday for Climate | Best practices of NDCs in Rwanda

Friday for Climate | Best practices of NDCs in Rwanda


🌍 As embedded in its NDC, Rwanda’s approach to development is based upon a long-term vision that values healthy and productive land and natural ecosystems. The national strategy on Green Growth has helped to organise and identify linkages between adaptation and mitigation across sectors. Rwanda’s initial NDC is a good example of how governments can integrate climate change and sustainability into the national development agenda to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods, protect natural resources and ecosystems, and grow the economy.

Rwanda is densely populated, highly vulnerable to climate change, and strongly reliant on rain-fed agriculture both for rural livelihoods and for exports of mainly tea and coffee. Unsurprisingly, building resilience across the land-use and water-management sectors is being prioritised. 🌱

Moreover, the recent cross-visit from Benin to Rwanda to share the local approach to climate change, organised by EU GCCA+, shows the Rwandan approach attracts interest.

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Rwanda’s long-term vision for green growth

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