Fridays for Climate | Engaging in Namibia's NDC

Fridays for Climate | Engaging in Namibia's NDC

🌍 Namibia is the most arid country in sub-Saharan Africa with highly variable climatic conditions, high temperature variability and water scarcity. In 2019, 29 % of the population were classified as ‘severely poor’ while the worst drought in 90 years killed thousands of livestock and left one in three Namibians short of food. 

Namibia’s ambitious first NDC pledges to reduce GHG emissions by 89 % below business as usual by 2030. Most GHG savings in Namibia’s NDC are projected to come from improvements in the agriculture, forestry and other land-use sectors as well as by increasing the share of renewables in the national energy mix from 33 % to 70 %. 🌱 

An EU GCCA+ programme was approved notably to support a mechanism to coordinate the integration of climate change across development planning and to pilot a mechanism which enables communities living in vulnerable situations to access finance and off-grid solar technologies in peri-urban and rural communities.

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An international partnership for Namibia’s first ambitious NDC

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