Fridays for Climate | Improving communities livelihoods in Tanzania mountains

Fridays for Climate | Improving communities livelihoods in Tanzania mountains

In Tanzania, a climate change adaptation project was implemented in eight communities located in the East Usambara Mountains. 🏔️

These communities are next to high biodiversity forests and depend on the ecosystem for their livelihoods, which are increasingly becoming threatened due to climate change. The country experiences unpredictable weather patterns such a serious drought and flooding. 🌱

The project aimed to increase and diversify incomes, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change by adopting an eco-village approach. The vulnerability of villagers has decreased through climate change activities such as:

  • The use of fuel-efficient stoves to reduce pressure on firewood. 🔥
  • The practice of climate-smart agriculture techniques by small scale farmers. 👨🏿‍🌾
  • The support of business initiatives based on forest resources management. 🌳
  • The education of children to increase their interest in and understanding of environmental issues. 👫🏿

These actions contributed to Tanzania’s poverty reduction strategy and improving the livelihoods of communities. As well, it helped to enhance the accountability of relevant actors and gender approach at the village level.

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