Fridays for Climate | Mangroves restoration for a sustainable future

Fridays for Climate | Mangroves restoration for a sustainable future


Deforestation rates have declined in the past decade, for example Suriname has seen a modest increase in mangrove cover, but the overall outlook is gloomy. Between 1980 and 2000, over 35% of the world’s mangroves were lost. 🌍

GCCA+ projects across the world have already restored, replanted and protected thousands of hectares of mangroves as part of integrated climate resilience programmes. EU funded mangrove restoration schemes ensure that local communities have their say, contribute their knowledge and take ownership of the projects. 👫🏽

From women entrepreneurs in Guyana to the Belize ‘Marvellous Mangroves’ schools’ campaign, from Resiliencia Costera in Cuba to Bangladesh’s ‘greenbelt’ coastal afforestation programme, EU-funded projects are protecting and enhancing the lives of millions of people.🌱 

In the Solomon Islands for example, indigenous landowners have voluntarily given up their rights to logging mangroves in exchange for the opportunity to create and sell
rainforest carbon offsets from their coastal rainforests. 🌳


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