Fridays for Climate | Resiliencia Costera in Cuba

Fridays for Climate | Resiliencia Costera in Cuba

🌍Cuba is increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather events and sea level rise. Resiliencia Costera is an initiative funded by EU GCCA+, which aims to strengthen Cuba’s ability to cope with the worst impacts.

“Resilience involves the ability of ecosystems and organisms to adapt to vulnerabilities or changes in the environment. We aim to build resilience in Cuba through natural solutions in vulnerable coastal areas, including the rehabilitation of coastal marine ecosystems.” 🌊

  • Dr Santos Orlando Cubillas, Director of Resiliencia Costera

Coastal biodiversity such as coral reefs, sea grass beds and mangroves is vital for economic, social and cultural development.

“By restoring the ecosystem and returning it to its former state, the people who live in those areas will be better prepared and as far as possible they will be able to remain in their fishing communities.”

  • Dr Maritza García, President of Cuba’s Environment Agency

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