Intra-ACP Knowledge Sharing

We promote knowledge sharing on climate change issues

The GCCA+ Intra-ACP programme is proud to contribute to the creation and exchange of knowledge on climate change issues in ACP Countries and Regions, and there are a number of ways that we do this.

  • Our technical assistance supports the formulation of feasibility studies, policy strategies, training materials and other guidance documents related to climate change.
  • Our Regional Partners, through their in-depth work, produce studies, trainings, reports, guides and additional documents about current climate change topics and issues.
  • Our work on international dialogue facilitates the sharing of existing resources related to climate change amongst Regional Partners (see our Regional Technical Meetings).
  • Our work with the ACP States and Regions on international climate negotiations produces specific informational documents related to the UNFCCC talks.

Knowledge Sharing Free Training Courses

Free Download on How to get access to Climate Funding (Part I)

Free Download on How to get access to Climate Funding (Part II)

Free Download Mainstreaming Climate Change Complete Workshop Series

Free Download Climate Change Finance Complete Workshop Series

Knowledge Sharing Resource List by Themes

Drawing on the extensive work of our Regional Partners, we have compiled a list of knowledge sharing resources organized by the following four themes: 1) Adaptation and Integrated Disaster Risk Management (DRM); 2) Impact and Vulnerability Assessment; 3) Mainstreaming Climate Change; and 4) Low Carbon Solutions. Resources include real examples of vulnerability assessments adaptation strategies from ACP communities, technical papers on DRM and adaptation, sources of climate data, and policy analyses from different regions.

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Knowledge Sharing Highlight on Data Sources from our Partners

University of the South Pacific, GCCA+ Project Page

The portal is dedicated to reception, access and retrieval of relevant data, reports and scientific documents. Themes include climate science, impacts of climate change and variability, integrating traditional knowledge, lessons learnt and best practices. We like the portal because of the specific examples of vulnerability analyses and adaptation planning documents, the focus on best practices and attention to drawing on regional and local knowledge. We suggest the portal for anyone interested in: climate change, adaptation and mitigation in the Pacific region; community involvement in adaptation planning; coastal management, and; examples of vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans.

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The CILSS Portal on Climate Change and Sustainable Land-Use Management in West Africa

Housed by the Regional Centre AGRHYMET, the website collects a wide range of documents related to climate change in West Africa. Themes include adaptation, mitigation, climate science, climate policy, and sustainable resource management. There are many examples of technical fact sheets on adaptation measures, methodological guides on monitoring and modeling climate data, and a list of other data sources. We like the site because it draws on AGRHYMET and CILSS’s rigorous collection of climate data in the region and uses data to inform planning. We suggest this portal to anyone interested in: collecting, monitoring and modeling climate data; desertification, drought and land-use management; climate change in West Africa; and adaptation measures in the agriculture, forestry and land-use change sectors.

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The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre Regional Clearinghouse Database

“This Stock Take database presents existing information on the various climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, policies, programmes and research projects being carried out in the various CARICOM countries and regionally.” We like the site because of its wide variety of documents and examples that are searchable by country and keyword. We recommend the clearinghouse to anyone interested in: vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the Caribbean; examples of adaptation projects and programmes, and examples of adaptation planning.

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Knowledge Sharing Related to the UNFCCC Process

ACP Secretariat Note on the Outcomes of COP20, Lima (December 2014) English and Français

ACP Secretariat Issues Paper for COP20, Lima (November 2014) English

ACP Secretariat Position Paper on COP18, Doha (November 2012) English