Technical support

Participative approach in local planning processes in Benin
Participative approach to climate change in Benin
© EU GCCA+ loCAL- UNCDF Photo Joel Bekou 2016 

Designing and delivering effective technical support is central to the EU GCCA+ initiative. It is committed to bolstering the capacity of vulnerable countries and their communities to respond to the challenge of climate change by:

  • Identifying, designing, implementing and monitoring climate change interventions in the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries. Click on the map to see the programmes in each country; 
  • Helping developing countries to implement national commitments in line with the Paris Agreement; and
  • Supporting sustainable, climate-smart and resilient development. 

Technical support is delivered by the main EU GCCA+ Support Facility  and the Intra-ACP EU GCCA+ Climate Support Facility.  
You can find out more about our technical assistance below.

Technical assistance

The EU GCCA+ Support Facility (SF) offers ad-hoc support to EU Delegations and development partners implementing EU GCCA+ projects in targeted  countries at different phases of their implementation (programming, identification, formulation, implementation, evaluation) in the form of: 

  • Remote support, including the provision of templates for terms of reference, help to start a project, support in launching or assessing results of calls for proposals, helping to develop a project communications strategy, and support in developing terms of reference for evaluation, among others.
  • Field support, including training sessions, analysis of capacity development/training needs, identification and formulation missions; providing technical assistance to strengthen institutional capacity to monitor, report on and verify implementation of (NDCs) under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement; and supporting institutional capacity for implementing, monitoring and reporting on climate actions and climate finance at the country level.
  • Ad-hoc support to institutions working in eligible countries (field or remote support missions).

Requests for technical assistance can be made either by EU GCCA+ focal points based in EU Delegations or by project managers. The duration of such ad-hoc support will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 
The Support Facility can also provide training and capacity building.

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