Agroforestry systems: a smart alternative for Cape Verde

Agroforestry systems can be a smart alternative to fight climate change on the island of Santo Antão (Cape Verde), improving quality of life in rural areas and combating desertification through agroecological techniques.

The local team of the “Agroforestry Systems” project, implemented by ADPM Mértola, is building capacity among farmers on propagation techniques for plants that are adapted to the climate on the island of Santo Antão. Mr Manuel, who has worked for many years at the Chã de Alecrim nursery, explains and demonstrates to participants the different techniques and practices used in the nursery.

Cabo verde
©ADPM Mértola

The “Agroforestry Systems” project is part of the second call for projects launched by the #GCCAPlus West Africa project, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France, under the leadership of ECOWAS, and in partnership with the CILSS. #GCCAPlus #ADPMCOOPERATION #climateaction