Assisted Natural Regeneration for Niger’s trees


Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) is one solution to the problem of tree loss and reduced tree cover in Niger. Under the GCCA+’s Climate resilience for sustainable agricultural development programme in Niger, a number of field activities aim to restore land and improve the production capacities of communities.


@EU/GCCA+, 2020 Lawali Djigo, Gaffati Project Assistant, Dan Arori village 


Assisted natural regeneration is an agroforestry and reforestation technique that provides a low-cost alternative for regreening fields. This agroforestry technique involves protecting naturally growing woody species to prevent them from being destroyed by crop farming and grazing, and encourage their growth (selection of strains, grafting of high yield varieties). Over time, the presence of bush or tree cover acts as a windbreak and helps improve soil structure. ANR helps protect the environment and improve the living conditions of rural populations.

Thanks to European Union funding, the NGOs CONEMUND (Spain) and ATPF (Niger) have had an impact on almost 382 hectares of fields with 450 pilot farmers trained in ANR techniques in the municipalities of Guidimouni, Gaffati and Hamdara (Zinder Region). This transmission of knowledge and practices among rural communities goes well beyond these simple figures.

@EU/GCCA+ 2020, Zakari Ousmane Mato, Hamdara Project Assistant, Idini village