EU GCCA+ SUPA: chicks and pigs for Kiribati


The Rikian Arora Community from Nuka Village in Beru in Kiribati are focusing on Poultry and Piggery Farming as a way to improve animal protein consumption, create self-employment, generate income and strengthen the food security system for the next generation in Beru and neighbouring remote islands in the Southern Kiribati areas.


©GCCA+ SUPA Kiribati
©GCCA+ SUPA Kiribati









300 hundred layer birds arrived to Nuka in August with the support of the EU GCCA+ Scaling Up Pacific Adaptation (SUPA) Project and the technical assistance of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agriculture Division.

Taere Ratieta and Kaooma Teatoi, two community members, helped transporting and delivering the chicks and pigs by boat from Tarawa to Beru. Mr Ratieta demonstrated how to make drinkers from empty bottles, used tyres and other utensils.