GCCA+ in the news: Cuba’s new resilience route

The construction of a new resilience route, based on the description of each point and site where climate change adaptation actions are carried out, is a priority for Resiliencia Costera, an EU GCCA+ funded project. The community of Santa Rita, close to Nuevitas and the sea are one of the sites of direct intervention.

“There is a need to strengthen the alliances at local level and promote community work in Santa Rita, a site embedded between the Fauna Refuge Cayos Ballenatos and the mangroves of the Bay of Nuevitas”, says Selmira Perdomo Sierra, national coordinator of communication and visibility of the project.

The idea is based on “recognizing where we are acting, and being able to show what is being done in a descriptive way to those who visit the area.”



Resiliencia Costera  seeks to strengthen capacities for disaster risk reduction, as well as the implementation of adaptation measures against climate change based on ecosystems and communities, incorporating these approaches in development planning. Several trainings are being implemented for technical expertise, youth and media with the #soyresiliente

Resiliencia Costera  aims to strengthen Cuba’s ability to cope with the worst impacts, it is funded by EU GCCA+ with the Cuban Environment Agency and the National Risk Assessment Group, and implemented by the United Nations Development Program.

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