GCCA+ in the news: GCCA+ Jamaica: preserving critical watersheds

The preservation of critical watersheds in Jamaica is the aim of the Jamaican Path from Hills to Ocean (H2O) project, funded through the EU Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+), as well as the Government of Jamaica.

“Winns Morass in Trelawny is one among our unique wetlands, and we are working to ensure that it is brought back to a healthy state,” said Ava Tomlinson from the Jamaican National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).

The H2O project began in April 2021 is being implemented over five years aiming to build resilience of communities within the project areas and reduce poverty through the implementation of integrated and sustainable land-management methodology. 

 “This project is focused on areas related to agriculture and tourism and we are working specifically in our watersheds,” Ms. Tomlinson said. 

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