GCCA+ in the news: Putting agro-ecological techniques into practice in Cape Verde

In the municipality of Porto Novo, Capre Verde, a project on agro-forestry systems encourages farmers to put into practice agro-ecological techniques to face to climate change.

“These practices have been shown to be favourable for the climate of Santo Antão”, says the Portuguese NGO Associação para a Defesa do Património de Mértola, implementing the project.

Farmers in the municipality of Porto Novo, who are experiencing several consecutive years of drought, have received guidance from project technicians in the implementation of these techniques. The use of hydrogel, for example, that allows the storage of “large amounts of water” is one of the experiments that are being tested, as well as the construction of small reservoirs (cocoons) for the mobilization of water.

The project on agroforestry systems is an initiative within the framework of the GCCA+ West Africa (GCCA+ AO) financed by the European Union (EU International Partnerships), under the Intra ACP program of the “Global Alliance against Climate Change Plus” (GCCA +) initiative, implemented by Expertise France.

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