GCCA+ in the news: Towards a “Zero Waste” Municipality in Kanifing, The Gambia

The European Union is providing additional funding of €3 million to the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) under the Kanifing Environmental Transformation Program (KETP). The grant will provide households in this Gambian municipality with garbage cans for the efficient collection of solid waste and build on a previous project.

By empowering households in Kanifing, the local authorities’ ambition is to improve solid waste collection Towards a “Zero Waste” Municipality. This approach will help preserve the health of the population, as well as the environment through the reduction of methane emissions, which are partly responsible for global warming.

The €3 million grant will initially deploy 10,000 waste garbage cans in Kanifing communities, reaching 25% of the municipality’s 35,000 households and 500 businesses. In its second phase, the “one garbage can per household” initiative will distribute an additional 25,000 garbage cans at the household level. Commercial areas in Kanifing Municipality will also be equipped with devices for proper garbage disposal.

The EU funding of 3 million euros supports a loan of 185 million euros granted by the European institution in 2021 through the Global Climate Change Alliance plus (GCCA+).

Waste management in Kanifing
©Afrik21 (Benoit-Ivan Wansi)

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