GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues no.1 “The urgency to adapt"

The first edition of the ‘GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues’ covers a monothematic issue concerning one of the most visible problems caused by climate change  – extreme weather events.


Each edition of the new magazine will offer a concise review of a topic of interest to stakeholders and audiences engaged in climate change issues. Balanced coverage of GCCA+ priority issues, such as adaption, mitigation and DRR topics, is ensured. 

The first issue on ‘Facing extreme weather events, the urgency to adapt’ includes articles on:
•    Smarter climate change adaptation strategies for small island states 
•    Natural solutions for extreme climate events: the case of Cuba
•    Long-term adaptation planning to tackle floods in the Dominican Republic 
•    The GCCA+ barometer: key figures on GCCA+ projects and funding 
•    EU-ACP together for the 35th parliamentary assembly 
•    The Best of Practices: integrated coastal adaptation 


GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues #1  

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