GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues no.3 “The mitigation effect”

mag3Rapid industrialization has put successful climate action beyond the capacity of the 36 developed countries signing the Kyoto Protocol.

In 2014 they contributed less than 16% of total global GHG emissions. 
Global mitigation action is a necessity! GCCA+ support has been extended to include it.
Read in this edition of the GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues, articles on:

  • Mitigation – A new milestone for GCCA+ support 
  • Climate Smart Africa: GCCA+ Regional Conference in Rwanda
  • How women-led businesses are tackling Africa’s plague of unmanaged waste 
  • Nigeria: from an environmental catastrophe to a business opportunity 
  • Liberia: the huge fight of a small country against poor waste management 
  • GCCA+ Direct effect on GHG emission reduction 
  • GCCA/GCCA+ Mitigation related activities 
  • What defines a successful mitigation intervention? 


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