GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues no.4 “Is Africa Becoming Climate Smart?”



Because African growth is incontrovertible, new partnerships are needed to harness and scale new technologies and approaches to leverage know-how and finance while building new skill sets, to ensure that the gains of the last 30 years are not eroded. Through its GCCA+ Flagship Initiative, the European Union is partnering African countries to take climate-smart action in diverse sectors across the continent.    

Read in this edition of the GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues, articles on:

  • Climate Smart Africa: Harnessing the Growth and protecting the Gains
  • GCCA+ awards go to Comoros and Tanzania
  • Rwanda: The long-term impact of land registration for climate action
  • Comoros – Digital aerial imaging: keeping one step ahead of climate change risks
  • Tanzania – Climate-smart agriculture in five ecovillages
  • Turning Mauritian coasts climate smart
  • Collecting data to lower GHG emissions in Uganda 
  • GCCA+ In Africa in figures
  • GCCA+ support to climate-smart development in figures
  • Transport: Challenges and potential for climate-smart solutions in Africa



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