GCCA+ SUPA: “We are always worried about flooding”

"Scaling up the Soasoa drainage system in Fiji" is a project to protect vulnerable coastal communities in the Macuata Province, especially the Soasoa community in Labasa, from coastal flooding and inundation through implementation of prioritized flood control measures in the Soasoa watershed area.

"We are always worried about flooding", says a resident from Vunivau, a small thriving village 7 km from the main city, “It’s a massive flooding with very strong currents in the village.”

Focusing on the people and communities living in the Soasoa watershed area, the project addresses the vulnerabilities and the rights of all residents. Skills in climate resilience are enhanced, particularly for provincial and district government officers and community leaders. The project focuses on constructing prioritized flood control measures such as flood gates and raising the levees, upgrading of existing spillways and widening of channels along the Soasoa drainage area. Management of the Soasoa watershed to complement hard flood control infrastructure will be a key component of the project. A 30-year (2020 – 2050) watershed management plan for the Soasoa watershed has been developed, in consultation with communities and stakeholders, and is supported by an action plan.


The GCCA+ SUPA project scales up climate change adaptation measures in specific sectors supported by knowledge management and capacity building. The project is undertaken in ten Pacific Island countries and places people at the centre of climate change adaptation efforts to strengthen the sectors responsible for providing water, food, health, marine resources and coastal protection.